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Agricultural Sand for Dairy Farmers

AT&H Ag Sand

Sand for cow comfort or as an excellent growing medium for fields, our premium agricultural sand is for dairy farms.


Premium Agricultural Sand

AT&H Industries Inc. offers a premium agriculture river sand product that meets specifications between 0.5mm-1.5mm, which is tumbled and rounded from the location of extraction in the Fraser River. Our product is clean and free of soil particles, silt, and stones, making it easy to wash and reuse. This product flows easily for pumping and allows for proper drainage. This also acts as an excellent growing medium once placed onto the field. We have a consistent source and can supply you with a high quality product.

We would be happy to bring you a sample of our sand. We can quote the sand delivered to your farm or you can have your trucking company pick it up at our Maple Ridge BC pit. Any amount of used sand that is not needed for your fields can be sent back to us.

AT&H Ag Sand Sieve Analysis Report

River Sand and Gravel