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River Sand & Gravel Products

Premium River Sand
Premium River Sand
  • Free draining - great for back fills
  • Preload
  • Sub-base Roads & Parking Lots
Whole Rock Analysis
Sieve Analysis Report
3ml Washed Screened
3ml Washed Screened Sand
  • Golf Courses
  • Playing Fields
  • Riding Rings
  • Top Dressing Lawns
  • Construction-bedding Pipes
  • USGA Accredited
Particle Size Analysis Report Chemical Analysis Report
Physical Analysis Report Letter
Modified C-33
Septic Field Products
Premium Agriculture Sand
Premium Agriculture Sand
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  • Dairy Farms
  • Equestrian
  • Replaces sawdust on fields
Sieve Analysis Report
Asphalt and Clinker Blend Sand
Blend Sand
  • Asphalt
  • Clinker Blend
Sieve Analysis Report
Round Rock
Round Rock
Assorted River Rock ½", 1½", 2-6"
  • Drainage
  • Decorative Landscaping
  • Spawning Gravel
3/4 Road Base
Premium Quarry Rock:
¾ Road Base
  • Excellent for top dressing Driveways
  • MMCD
  • Sometimes recognized as ¾ Road Mulch/ ¾ Minus
¾ Clear Crush
Premium Quarry Rock:
¾ Clear Crush
  • Clear and uniform aggregate
  • Drainage
  • Lining inside Foundation
  • Excellent drainage product
3in Road Base
Premium Quarry Rock: 3" Road Base
  • Sub base-strong structure for Heavy Traffic
  • Great for Driveways, Parking lots
3in Clear
Premium Quarry Rock: 3" Clear
  • Heavy truck traffic
4-9in Clear
Premium Quarry Rock: 4-9" Clear
  • Dyke Rip Rap
  • Bank Stabilization
Fill Site
Fill Site
  • Fill Dirt
  • Clay Fill
  • Dyke Clay
  • Structural Fill Only
Garden Blend Soil
Landscape Material:
Garden Blend Top Soil
A consistent quality blend of compost and sand that supports a wide range of plant life. Our product is free draining, lightweight and rich in nutrients. An excellent choice for the landscape projects. Our product meets the specification for B.C. landscape Standards
  • Landscape construction and plant installation
  • Planter Boxes
  • Street Renovation-Highway construction-Boulevards
  • Home and Vegetable Gardens
Turf Blend Soil
Landscape Material:
Turf Blend Soil
Developed for a high traffic lawn areas. This product is a compost and river sand blend. Free draining and rich in nutrients. An ideal base for the growth of turf grass. This product is widely used by commercial Turf Professionals.
  • Construction of Commercial Turf Areas
  • Renovating existing sod
  • As a base for sod or seeded areas
  • Well draining base for all landscape needs
  • Top dressing for existing lawns

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